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UNLOK Lagoon Waste Water Treatment

“Eliminate Dairy Odors by 90% and Turn Lagoon Waste Water Into Powerful Fertilizer For Your Crops”

Treated Dairy Lagoon

After – UNLOK Treated Dairy Lagoon

Addressing odors and emissions from animal wastes is a burning issue for today’s dairy and swine farm management.

The sheer numbers of animals in the US are enormous. The shift towards larger confined animal feeding operations has led to unintended environmental issues. Operators are now finding increasing levels of scrutiny among both state and federal regulators which are jeopardizing their operations. Leaving dairymen with these questions:

1. How do I meet state and federal regulations?
2. What is a simple way to manage my lagoon?
3. How do I turn my lagoon into a profit center for my dairy?
4. How do I eliminate operational odors?

As life-long farmers, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t.

Introducing UNLOK Dairy Lagoon Wastewater Treatment

UNLOK’s dairy lagoon treatment provides a cost-effective solution for both odor reduction and wastewater fertilizer maximization.

UNLOK is a proprietary blend of plant nutrients, soil penetrants, and biologically available oxidant sources in a liquid form.

How It Works

The specially formulated combination of ingredients is proven effective at stimulating beneficial microbial populations, which enhances the oxidation processes and releases nutrients that are locked up in organic matter.

When UNLOK’s proprietary ingredients are added to a microbially rich environment the biochemical response enables naturally-occuring microbial populations to proliferate exponentially! Two become four, four become eight, eight become sixteen….and so on!

The huge resulting increase in soil microbial life translates into healthy soil, which means better yields and improved profits for growers.

UNLOK Lagoon Wastewater Before and After

UNLOK Pond Action

Key Benefits of Unlok Lagoon Waste-Water Treatment

  • Reduce odors from sulfur-based compounds (hydrogen sulfide) up to 90%.
  • Faster decomposition of organic matter prevents sludge layer buildup.
  • Cleaner flush alleyways resulting in less down cows.
  • Lagoon effluent wastewater becomes an excellent source of fertilizer for field crops.
  • Enhance the facultative microbial process without expensive equipment or addition of useless foreign bacteria.
  • Increases soil microbial life which translates into healthier soil, meaning better yields and improved profits for growers.

Backed By University Research

You don’t have to take our word for it… Based upon a Penn State University study, the treatment of animal slurry caused up to a 90% reduction in odorant concentration levels of volatile fatty acids. The treatment effect is long lasting (over 42 days) because it works with facultative bacteria that have already adapted to their environment and allows them to outcompete anaerobic bacteria that cause hydrogen sulfide odors.

University research proves what our customers already know: UNLOK is an effective agent for reducing odors from animal wastes, speeding up the decomposition of organic matter, and creating a readily available fertilizer from your lagoon wastewater.

For the past seven years, UNLOK has maximized profits for our own operations and for dairymen across America. Why not see what the leading product in wastewater management can do for you? – John Reitsma

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