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UNLOK Agricultural Treatment

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UNLOK is a proprietary blend of plant nutrients, soil penetrants, and biologically available oxidant sources in a liquid form. The specially formulated combination of ingredients has proven effective at stimulating beneficial microbial populations in order to enhance oxidation processes and release nutrients that are locked up in organic matter. Upon the addition of UNLOK in a microbially rich environment, the resulting biochemical response enables naturally-occurring microbial populations to proliferate exponentially. The resulting increase in soil microbial life can lead to better nutrient release from nutrients that have become locked up in organic matter, improved aggragate stability, hydraulic conductivity, and crop potential. Healthy soil translates into better yields and improved profit margins for growers. Learn more about how our growers are incorporating UNLOK into their soil management plan and realizing the benefits UNLOK can bring to your operation.

How can UNLOK improve my bottom line?Unlok Agricultural Soil Treatment

UNLOK has proven effective in a variety of applications through a series of field trials, university testing, and farmer experiences. On agricultural soils, UNLOK has resulted in improved water infiltration, better nutrient use efficiency, less runoff, and higher yields. As fertilizer continue to increase, UNLOK helps reduce the inputs needed from commercial fertilizers by utilizing more of the nutrients that are present in soil. In some cases, growers have reduced their commercial fertilizer inputs and improved their irrigation practices. When UNLOK is incorporated into soil, with a high C:N ratio the nutrients that are unavailable to plants or imobilized are freed up by the microbial processes. This translates into cost savings for farmers as the unlocked nutrients can be factored into your nutrient management plan. UNLOK also uses soil penetrants which helps the nutrients in UNLOK penetrate the soil and aid in reducing compaction, enabling air and water to filter through the soil. UNLOK creates a healthy environment for any crop to grow in.

What are the primary areas that UNLOK can help my operation?

UNLOK is primarily used to improve soil conditions for field crops, produce and vineyard operations. However, UNLOK has also proven effective in the golf and turf industry to help reduce thatch buildup, speed up seasonal transitions, achieve faster grow-ins and improve turf and sod quality. In addition, UNLOK has proven effective in the lawn and garden industry to help lawns and plants develop stronger roots. Wherever there are high concentrations of microbes and depleted oxygen conditions, UNLOK can help!


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