UNLOK Soil and Dairy Research


At Agrakey Solutions, we know research is needed to make the customer comfortable with what they are buying, that’s why we have both university and real world research done on Unlok.

UNLOK Lagoon Wastewater Treatment
Dairy wastewater has been a burning issue for today’s dairy farmer, including:
1. How do I meet regulations?
2. What is a simple way to manage my lagoon?
3. Most importantly, how do I turn my lagoon into a profit center for my dairy?!

Unlok is a proven lagoon additive that can help you achieve max profit out of your lagoon. Many dairymen across America have experienced the Unlok difference. Just review the research below which gives you University proof.

Lagoon Wastewater C_N Ratio


Unlo2k Pond Trifold Brochure

PSU Odorant Graphs

Penn State Study Results Flier

Penn State Report_Exec Summary

Lagoon Treatment Handout2

UNLOK Soil Treatment
One thing has been proven all across the world! Every acre has a different soil condition than the next. Many factors go into maximizing yeild potential on every acre. Unlok has been tested thru and thru and many farmers have seen the Unlok difference.

Field Trial_Corn2

International Trials

IRF Field Trial_Alfalfa

Produce Inside

Produce Outside

Soil Treatment Handout

Soil Treatment Handout p2


Unlo2k Soil Trifold Brochure

Unlok Trial_EcoFarms-Avacado





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