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Agrakey Solutions

Solutions has focused on providing innovative solutions to farmers since 2004.

We were founded by farmers and understand the daily challenges farmers face. We strive to develop a partnership of trust with our growers and dairymen through out commitment to integrity, respect, and proven results.

Our Founder

John Reitsma, CEO and founder, has been involved in the dairy business for over 35 years and understands the difficulties dairymen face. Increasing strict environmental regulations, higher feed costs, and volatile prices are putting pressure on dairymen across America. We strive to help the agricultural industry meet these challenges through wholesale buying and innovative products.

Where AgraKey is Today

AgraKey has continued to have steady growth since its beginning. Our customers have seen their bottom lines increase by using the wholesale buying approach. Continuing research and real world successes is what AgraKey is all about. Our first-class distributer network provides solutions for our expanding customer base. Here at AgraKey, we know customers come first and we do whatever is necessary to take care of their issues. Contact Agrakey today for a competitive bid of any product in your facility!

Where We Are Going

AgraKey is committed to long-term relationships. We believe in providing results year after year for our customers. We believe in supporting our dealers with all the possibilities we can to give our customers answers. Agrakey Solutions is a company that was founded by farmers for farmers and will continue to provide solutions for many years to come!

Be Sure to Preview Our Innovative Dairy Products:

Unlok Lagoon Wastewater Treatment - “Eliminate Dairy Odors by 90% and Turn Lagoon Waste Water Into Fertilizer For Your Crops”

Unlok Soil Treatment and Amendment - Revive Your Soil With Cutting Edge New Formula gives Greater Yields and Healthier More Fertile Fields.

Dairy Feed Additives - Cheaper and Better Priced GUARANTEED! Find Out How Much We Could be Saving Your Operation Today. Call for a FREE Personalized Analysis and Price Quotation.

Foot Bath Disinfectant - Buy Wholesale Foot Disinfectant Cleaner Today! Call Today to Find Out How Much We Could Be Helping Your Cattle and Saving You Money.


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